October 12 – 14, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA

You want to be deeply connected to yourself as a woman –
open, confident and vulnerable, but able to maintain strong boundaries and trust yourself.

You desire deep intimacy, but have no clue how to create it
let alone feel comfortable opening up that completely.

You want to know you’re not the only one
and other women are going through similar growth challenges.


Women see themselves most clearly in the reflection of other women.

From the beginning of time, women gathered in circle.
To reflect. To learn. To see themselves more clearly.
They came to share stories, traditions, advice and secrets related to the feminine arts.

Sadly, these circles disappeared from mainstream modern day life.
Women began to shut down. Doubt. And most tragically, fall prey to a nasty epidemic – the masculinization of women.

There’s no more time for that.

Rock Your Mojo Women’s Weekend brings the circle back.

“I feel like Usher!!! I can’t even begin to explain it. I know you’ll understand. What a mind-blowing event. And totally threw my anxieties out the window. Incredible.
Breathing… breathing… Opening up to a whole new world. Thank you SO much for your kindness, support, advice, and listening.”
– Cheryl Goldstein


** tickets are transferable NOT refundable

I am Deborah Kagan.

As a woman who lost her mojo and gained it back, I am on a mission to help other women do the same.

Today, I am a successful entrepreneur, have a delicious relationship with the love of my life and have an enthusiasm for life that’s unparalleled.

Those three things (the money, the honey and the vibrancy)—that’s my dream for you.

Because I dream of a world of juicy, mojoliciously empowered women.
Women who relish in their pleasure.
Women who conquer their fears, look them square in the face, throw them on the ground, wrestle with them, get scratched up and STILL come out on top…loving their mojolicious empowered selves.

I’ve done it and it’s possible for you, too.

That’s why I’m eager to invite you to the Rock Your Mojo Women’s Weekend, where we engage in this conversation and transform lives.

Mojoliciously yours,


Here’s the thing, you’re an amazing woman. I know this because I attract phenomenal women in my life. And you probably have a lot of good stuff going on. Yet, there’s just this nagging thing. It’s something you have trouble putting your finger on, but it’s there.

When you get quiet with yourself, you know it has to do with the fundamentals of being a woman who’s fully confident in her skin.
It might show up in the arena of dating. Where you’re feeling you don’t know how to connect with your potential mate or let alone get out there and feel good about finding them.

It might show up in the work realm. Where you find yourself playing small and saying someday I’ll get to that project/plan/book/event.

It might show up around your selfcare (or lack thereof). Where you just keep busy with everything else and put yourself last on the list.

It might show up in the arena of sensuality or sex. Where you feel disconnected from your body and have no clue how to comfortably and safely open the door to your own pleasure; in or out of the bedroom.

These are all signs you have disconnected from your M.O.J.O.

Your Mojo is your life force. It’s the thing that people feel from you before you ever say a word. It’s your vibe. And it’s IN you right now.
You simply need to learn how to access it and keep the flame stoked on a regular basis.


    The ROCK YOUR MOJO WOMEN’S WEEKEND is a two and a half day immersion into YOU. A live, in the flesh experience where real transformation occurs.
    Yeah. We’re going to really blow the roof on what it takes to have a Mojolicious Mindset. It requires something to be the woman who cultivates a vision for herself. You’ll learn how to align your head with your heart, body and soul.
    Fact: Your Mojo lives in your body. You’re going to wake it up. Befriend it and be BFFs with it before you leave. This means you will be up and moving during the event. I’ve got some ridiculously cool exercises planned for you and it’s not anything you can do via a webinar or alone at home.
    Most likely you are similar to the majority of women and you find yourself living out of one particular view of yourself. And that’s a travesty because there’s so much more to you than you can even conceive. We will be unlocking dormant pieces of you so that you can interact with these parts of yourself to become integrated and new. You will consciously reclaim and commit to yourself in a process that reveals who you are in so many different ways.
    I have a commitment to create a safe, sacred and soulful space for you to enjoy the weekend’s transformative experience. It’s one of the things I’ve professionally done for two decades now. You will learn how to translate that kind of energy to your home when you head back after the weekend. You will learn simple, effective tools to recreate the vibe for your needs and vision.

    It’s true. I lean equally to the woo as I do the practical. And that’s because what’s within is without. As above, so below. One of the things my clients appreciate about the way I work is the fact that I bridge the invisible with the tangible. No matter what you believe, you will get to experience how to use ancient practices to create real world results via my treasure trove of knowledge in these areas.
    This is a weekend to get really selfish. These two and a half days are for you to get what you need so you can walk out with a deeper connection to you, your desires and the way to fulfill them. Think of it as a mini-retreat where there are no worldly distractions and you are surrounded in a safe, loving container to explore your mojolicious self.
    Attending the Rock Your Mojo Women’s Weekend is a statement that says YES to your life. Yes you are taking the time. Yes you are committing to do the work while there. Yes you are showing up like you haven’t before. YES! Because deep down, you know you are worth it and this is the key to living a YES life from here on out.
    I guarantee you’re holding some BS about yourself or your life. Why do I know this? Because we all do. Until we don’t. You’re going to learn where yours is hiding and how to get rid of it. And I promise, it won’t hurt 😉
    My mission in life is to help you live a turned ON life. This means you enjoy each day. You face the adversities that show up with a mojo attitude. You have a vibrancy and radiance about you because you’re plugged IN. During the weekend, you’ll have the chance to discover what really lights you up through interactive exercises and more.

There is no content to display.


    Many live events these days are one big pitch fest. And that’s not what’s happening here. There will be vendors hand picked by me that have complimentary products and/or services for you to explore if you’d like. And I will share an opportunity for us to continue working together because I know some of you will want more to carry on what you’ve experienced at the event. By no means, will any of it be a ‘hard sell.’ I believe in an opt-in culture that’s led by YOU.
    You know how you go home from some events with pockets full of business cards but do nothing with them? Yeah. This isn’t the intention of the weekend. This event is about creating a deep connection with yourself and some other women. Maybe you’ll connect again, maybe you won’t. The important part is that you are all here to do the work and create transformation.
    You won’t seat in your seats taking endless pages of notes for hours on end in a notebook you’ll never look at again. You will receive a notebook to support your learning during the weekend and it will become a living, breathing part of your practice as a woman. It’s something you’ll reference because it will be full of useful tools you’ll use regularly.
    Aiy. You know those events where they’ve got you going from early morning until late at night. Yeah. It’s not really fun is it? This event will give you full days, but not exhausting ones leaving you more depleted than when you arrived. You’ll leave filled up and energized.
    You aren’t coming here to criticize other women, compare yourself to them or find fault with the event itself. This event holds the energy and intention of a sacred women’s circle. Period.
    While I am the one leading the event, it is by no means about me. It’s about YOU. You will actively participate in the flow of the weekend. There are exercises planned that you will co-create with other women and you will have the chance to share time on stage. My team and I will hold the energy for your transformation while you get to discover the Mojo within you.
Your Facilitator

Deborah Kagan 

A Mojo Recovery Specialist with years of practice being a turned-on woman, Deborah helps you tap into your innate power and connect with your mojo, which is the source of true self-esteem.  From this place, you gain increased enthusiasm for life allowing for great self-confidence resulting in the ability to earn more money, reduce stress and create thriving relationships (personally and professionally).

Deborah is the author of the Amazon bestselling book, Find Your ME Spot: 52 Ways to Reclaim Your Confidence, Feel Good in Your Own Skin and Live a Turned On Life and the Rock Your Mojo™ lifestyle programs.

A native New Yorker and NYU Tisch School graduate, Deborah transplanted to Los Angeles for a job in the film business. It was during this time that her study of spirituality and alternative healing methods and modalities intensified. She developed a passion for something deeper, deciding to quit the film business altogether. In 1997, Deborah founded Sacred Interiors where she has been helping clients all over the globe improve their quality of life through Feng Shui.
Many entrepreneurs would be content to play it safe with a successful business. Deborah is not one of those entrepreneurs. After 12 years of helping people improve the quality of their lives through external changes in their environment, Deborah acted on her belief that security comes from NOT playing it safe and decided to change directions to help WOMEN improve their lives by turning inward. She remains committed to a bold vision of shaking things up, and the belief that learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable allows us to grow and evolve.

It feels almost fated that the name Sacred Interiors, intended originally to create a healing space inside one’s home, seamlessly segued to help women find a healing space quite literally within themselves; through their bodies, minds, and souls.


The weekend will reveal YOU to you – the mojolicious woman you are:

  • more confident
  • more self-loving
  • more centered
  • more alive
  • more YOU!

As a woman who’s reclaimed her mojo, I know the path and will guide you through the weekend where you’ll unpack old stories holding you back from true feminine freedom, learn techniques to enhance your personal power, connect with fellow women recognizing you are not alone and even cultivate new connections. Plus, you’ll learn the real deal about your mojo and how to activate yours in 5 minutes or less a day.

All of this will give you POWER and CONFIDENCE like you’ve never had before.


I am a big fan of surprises, which means you’ll be the recipient of them over the weekend. I’ve got something really exciting up my sleeve that’s going to entertain, educate and inspire you. I promise you’ll dig it!



October 12 – 14, 2018



Hotel MDR

Hotel MDR
13480 Maxella Ave., Marina del Rey, CA 90292

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JeanFranzblau“I attended one of Deborah’s monthly women’s circle and was more than impressed. Deborah is an expert facilitator – seamlessly creating a safe environment for sharing and healing. At one point during the event, Deborah gave individual feedback. Her suggestions came from a deeply intuitive place. Her recommendation for me was literally transformative. It was like I rediscovered a part of myself that had been long lost. I have already recommended Deborah to my friends and I wholeheartedly advocate her important work.” ~ Jean Franzblau

Anea Bogue“I experienced the powerful, healing energy that is always born of women gathering. Deborah created a space that supported exploration of our spiritual, physical and emotional, sensual selves; one that gave every woman who sat in circle permission and desire to know her best self and re-discover or affirm the power that swirls within as a sacred, sensual being.” ~ Anea Bogue

RebeccaDru“What a truly incredible workshop… I couldn’t tell you what I loved before…but I left loving being a woman. Thank you Deborah” ~ Rebecca Dru

Darlene Centannni“Working with Deborah has been a joy for all my senses. She has helped me open things in me that I have buried down deep. I am more open, less scared and feel much more in control of my life and business.” ~ Darlene Centanni



What’s included?
Two and a half days of seriously deliciously knock ‘em alive content, experiences and connections. You’ll receive a notebook to follow along, a welcome swag bag and light refreshments.

What if I don’t have the time?
I’m going to be blatantly honest with you here. If you think you don’t have the time to spend ONE weekend on improving the quality of your life, then you’re not serious about wanting to step into your most powerful, mojolciously alive self. Period.

What if I don’t live in Los Angeles?
If you live in place with access to planes, trains or automobiles that go to Los Angeles, then you can get your cute tush here to join us…and it will be worth it. So basically, that means you baby. Come join us!

What if I’m already fairly confident and feel pretty good about my life?
I hear you. If you’re like I was, you feel like you got it going on. It doesn’t freak you out to be seen or heard and you might have an active life. BUT there’s something missing. It’s as if there’s a hollow place that never quite fills up. This place is the invisible gap between you and YOU. At the Rock Your Mojo Women’s Weekend, we’re going to get VERY real about stepping into the 21st Century version of being a woman. That doesn’t look like anything we’ve experienced before. And you’ll learn specific techniques to amp your mojo and take your life to a new level by BEING a fuller version of you.


Join the movement of conscious women owning their mojo power inside and out.

The seat of all creation lies within you.
It is your ability to be genuinely confident, fully loving and completely energized.

Join us. Bring your truth, your pain, your joy, your confusion and your clarity.

LADIES: bring yourself and join in communion with your tribe.

GENTLEMEN: if you love the women in your life, send this info to them and encourage them to attend.

Let’s continue to have this conversation and see how mojoliciously alive this world can truly be.


** tickets are transferable NOT refundable

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